The Gardens and Conservatory

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Visitors are welcome to walk around and enjoy the two hectares of gardens at 'Les Mousseaux'.  Although a lot still has to be done, the gardens are bordered on the south by a large wildlife lake and the River Lathan, and consist of a large organic vegetable garden cultivated by the deep mulch method. (We gave up rotavating and digging when we realised this was mainly bringing more and more weed seeds to the surface and caused more harm to the heavy clay than good!)  We also have a very large polytunnel primarily for winter crops.

The flower garden was started in 2005 and has begun to mature and we planted up an arboretum from tree seeds sown in 2003 last year. There were a number of mature fruit trees in place already by the pond to which we have added over the years.  Fig trees on the south wall of the barn produce two crops a year of delicious figs.

The conservatory was created from the ruins of an ancient 'cellier' of which only three walls remained, constructed into the hillside. We cleared out the trees and brambles, moved tons of old stone, rebuilt one of the walls and put on a polycarbonate roof. The doors and windows came from the local 'dechetterie' (tip).  We constructed a small pool and waterfall in the inside corner which has a permanently resident frog (which surprised visitors with its sudden loud croaking!)  An ideal location for a cool glass of wine on summer evenings.

We have two delightful child-friendly dogs (Billy and Bertie), a varying number of cats, four geese, chickens and two hives of productive bees.  Fresh seasonable vegetables  and eggs can be bought  and we hope to have honey from our own hives to sell in 2008.