Fishing in Pays de La Loire


There are numerous rivers, lakes and ponds where you can fish in Pays de la Loire.  Usually you need to get a permit which is easily available from shops such as the 'Gamme Vert', a chain of garden centres, the nearest being at Noyant about 6 km away.

One of the best places to fish is the Lac de Rillé  which is on the doorstep, a hundred metres or so away.  In the lake you can catch carp up to 20kg, pike, zander, roach, tench and even the giant European catfish known locally as 'silure'.

If you want a secluded place for a quiet afternoon's fishing you can fish on the Lathan River where it flows slowly through the grounds of our property.  You will probably see the odd kingfisher as you fish, and also coypu, moorhens, and heron.

If you would like more information then you should contact the Federation de la Peche in Pays de la Loire. Or you can get more information by clicking on the fish below: